Keeping Each Other Safe
Wedding Set Up & COVID-19 Protocols

The health and wellbeing of our family and friends are of the utmost importance throughout these difficult times. We have taken steps to ensure the safety of everyone who is able to attend our wedding this May.

Firstly, we ask that all guests wear a mask throughout the ceremony, while riding shuttles and visiting food stations, bars or restrooms. Seating for all guests will be spread throughout the venue to accommodate for social distancing.

Secondly, there will be red or green bracelets available in front of the ceremony pavilion before the ceremony begins. Green indicates that you are comfortable with hugs and handshakes. Red indicates that you are not comfortable with interacting with guests closer than 6 feet apart. We ask that all guests choose a bracelet to indicate what they are most comfortable with.

We look forward to seeing and celebrating with those who are able to attend; however, we understand that there are some who will not be able to attend but we hope to celebrate with you in the near future!